27 November 2017

Pre-Order Album + Songbook

PRE-ORDER ALBUM + CHORAL SONGBOOK Dear friends, I’m so excited to share with you that my album and choral songbook are getting HELP in their release! This means a couple of things for you, dear readers. ‘Unzip The Horizon’ will now be officially released March 30, 2018.   So, this is what I will do:  These next 3 months I’ll leak bits of Album and Songbook to you, but not the general public.  The music is ready NOW.  I’ve set up an album + songbook PRE-ORDER, which helps me to cover some of...
30 May 2017

CA Folklife Tour + Premiere @ Disney Hall + LA Concerts + Summer Festivals

Hello!  It’s softest green and birdsong here in Vermont. I’ve enjoyed landing here into family and new beginnings.  Next week I begin 3 months of musical travels.  A month in my beloved California, a month around the U.S. and Canada, then to the Skaramagas Refugee Camp in Greece to volunteer and teach.  I’ll be with VOCO, Jayme Stone’s Folklife, The Seamus Egan Project, Lyris String Quartet, LA Master Chorale, The Ad Astra Music Festival, EAR (Expressive Arts Refuge) – singing my heart out or writing music.  I hope to cross...
23 March 2017

Folklife CD Release Tour!!

Music for YOU this & next week in MI,IL,WI,MN,IA,NJ,NY,CT,VT,MA    Hello there! Tour these next two weeks to MI,IL,WI,MN,IA,NJ,NY,CT,VT and MA!  (and on into 2017) Last night the Folklife Project began our CD Release Tour! Led by my friend, the ‘Yo Yo Ma of the banjo’, Jayme Stone, this tour’s concerts feature the twelve new songs – musical heirlooms – from our album. I love singing the wild, humble heart of these songs: Creole calypso, Sea Island spirituals, Shape-Note folk hymns, a sultry ballad and stomp-down Appalachian dance tunes. What a pleasure...
21 February 2017

real new year news

January Catch-up!     Hello!  I forgot to post my January blog post here, so here is a little catch-up!  New news coming soon. In January, at the APAP Booking Conference I debuted new songs under the umbrella of my show / residency “the voice is a traveler” – a show of songs that remind us of the importance of border crossing – both literal and metaphorical – and our voice as it viscerally expresses our memories and adaptations.  I also sang with Jayme Stone’s Lomax (now ‘Folklife’) Project, and enjoyed...
14 November 2016

An Autumn Hello from Moira

LEAF/LA’s Disney Hall/NEW Solas VIDEO/New FB page/’Time’ Commission – you record   10/29 Singalong @ Disney Concert Hall +… moira’s news of choral writing and folk singing… A very quick hello to you! Due soon: To the mighty Los Angeles Master Chorale – a piece exploring the tone of the human voice as an expressive tool across a lifetime…I’d love YOUR voice in it – read here to throw in! Here’s what’s coming right up: SOLAS shows this Fri-Sat 10/21-22 at LEAF Festival – Asheville, NC!  And SOLAS VIDEO PREMIERE:...
19 July 2016

Midsummer News 2016

Can’t see images? Click here… Midsummer News From Moira… LIVE shows NOW July 15-25   Lomax Project Tours in British Columbia, Canada July 30-31   Solas @ Cambridge Folk Festival, UK July 31    *Moira Solo @ Nest Collective SBC Rooftop, Central London, UK *London friends!  The Southbank Centre Rooftop’s the coolest concert setting! @7:30pm I’ll premiere several new songs, visit the old, wild ones & sing with you in a 40-minute set – w/very wow! special guests. Hosted by Nest Collective (headed up by the lovely Sam Lee).  Please share/get tickets/hang w/me! Sharing the eve...
30 December 2015

moira smiley singer composer   photo by Tonya Lessley — Step.Slow.Into.New A quiet little hello to you! Thank you for meeting me along my way, and for supporting my music-making this year.  What a beautiful year – 2015, a beautiful riot of color and travel.  I gasped, shocked to see the intensity of the stars, and feel the quiet darkness on my mother’s farm in Vermont.  I just last week finished a choral piece called “I Have A Voice” for 40 ACDA-member choirs, and I’m ready to take on more and more composing commissions –...
19 August 2015

Midsummer 2015

 ​                           Hello from Vermont!  What a pleasure to sing with tUnE-yArDs in my home state of Vermont, and see my family! 10 more shows before Merrill’s back in the studio to make a new album.  Time for me to finish writing this year’s choral commissions, record a solo album, put new vocal arrangements & videos online, tour with Solas, VOCO and the Lomax Project.Get in touch about your sheet-music wishes, and about Moira, or moira smiley & VOCO concert-residencies for the season: Tuffet is currently rounding out 2016 bookings in these areas & time-blocks.  Write her soon about bringing...
07 April 2015

Spring 2015 Hello!

Moira Smiley      Composer : Vocalist Spring…     Hello from the tUnE-yArDs tour bus to you!  I’m looking up from starting work on two choral commissions – from LA Master Chorale & ACDA Womens Commission Consortium -to write you a little Spring news.  I crossed from Winter into Spring on one long tour between Solas and tUnE-yArDs + some solo shows.  I’m in love with these bands, and the fires they light!  You can follow our colorful adventures by clicking on Instagram, FB, Solas & tUnE-yArDs.Talking…       Conversation w/these two people for recent...
Moira Smiley
09 January 2015

2015 Hello!

Moira Smiley      Composer : Vocalist This…This year past was a hot-air-balloon ride!  It ROARED, and floated up! up! up! on breath of folksongs, indie-rock anthems, and choir festival hallelujahs!  And the months read aloud new recipes for…well…setting up snare drums, tarantism, listening, being in time, nomadic recording technology, and how to keep chasing joy.   Life is just PULSE – an electrical flicker on and off and on and off.   How MOVING, what a relief that is…how easy to be afraid, and cling! Now…          I’m cut loose...

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Dream Outro // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  1. Dream Outro // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  2. They’re Red Hot // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  3. Steam Engines // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  4. Whistle Daughter Whistle // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  5. Orphan Girl // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  6. Oh Winter // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  7. Oj Savice // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  8. Oj Jabuko // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  9. Deportee // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  10. Dream Dve Nevesti // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  11. Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  12. Mazurka // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  13. I Live in California // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  14. North Country // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  15. Chilly Winds // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  16. Visa Fran Jarna // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears
  17. Dream Intro // moira smiley & VOCO - Laughter Out of Tears