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Recommendations for Moira Smiley & VOCO
Educational Experiences
At Universities

“moira smiley & VOCO’s skill with a myriad of vocal colors and qualities was so impressive, but even more impressive was the connection Moira made with my students. She provided accessible and challenging vocal exercises, sang for us, and encouraged my students to love all the ways that humans can sing. We found her to be a great inspiration!”
– Dr. Katy Strand, Prof. of Music at Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)

At High Schools

“moira smiley & VOCO are truly masterful teachers. I’ve seen VOCO create the same ecstatic response in high school students, professional choruses and in our Conference of Teachers – they are versatile, flexible and so fun to work with! ”
– Elise Witt, North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching

At Middle Schools

“As a middle school choir director who appreciates quality guest artists, I give my highest recommendation to Moira Smiley and VOCO. The entire process from the initial contact through post-visit questions was very professional and personal. The workshop was well planned and very effective for middle school students. Furthermore, our choir wished to perform one of Moira’s fabulous arrangements. This piece became the pride of the class. Among the numerous performances of the piece was a middle level choir festival in which the choir received a superior rating. Please consider working with moira smiley & VOCO in the future. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.”
– Karen Keeler Hannahoe, Choir Director, Nevin Platt Middle School (Boulder, Colorado)

At Elementary Schools

“I would like to highly recommend VOCO for any educational purposes related to music you may have in mind. the group’s spirit, depth of knowledge,dynamism, and exquisite vocal talents brought our K-5 students attending the concert an experience they will never forget. The students were enamored, and said it was probably the best in a long line of programs we have brought to them. The workshops for 3rd to 5th grade were close-up and personal, and brought to life the beauty of Roots Music for our students. A treat to have at a school, and a day your students will remember always. Thank you VOCO!”
– Julius Adams, Music Teacher/Arts Coordinator, PS98Q (Queens, NY)

At Festivals

“For the past three year’s, Moira has been the “glue” at our large, and very successful Rocky Mountain Song School, leading both the opening and closing sessions, weaving connections and creating community through voice and rhythm. Moira brings a multi-cultural approach to teaching vocals and movement at the Song School. Over the past three years she has consistently inspired participants with her traditional and freeform exercises that expand vocal and performance possibilities in a fun and supportive environment. Students love it!”
– Steve Szymanski, Co-Founder/CEO Planet Bluegrass (Home of Festivals: Telluride, RockyGrass, FolksFest, Rocky Mountain Song School, RockyGrass Academy)

At Community & Professional Choirs

“moira smiley & VOCO – not only consummate performers with a great warmth of personality behind the rich blend of voices but I soon learned, equally fine teachers. Moira led a workshop which would beguile the beginner and practiced singer and creates an atmosphere where all felt empowered and able to join in. The deep knowledge she has of the music which inspires her, combined with an infectious sense of humour made the workshop time fly by and left us wanting more. She teaches with intelligence and warmth and builds up the the layers of what she imparts so clearly that people can surpass what they feel is their limit.”
– Su Hart, co-founder Baka Beyond, UK Educator  (Bath, England)


Demo Video of Moira Workshop
Demo Video of VOCO Clinic

Featuring: April Guthrie, Ariella Forstein, Moira Smiley and Jessica Basta

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Dream Intro // moira smiley & VOCO
  1. Dream Intro // moira smiley & VOCO
  2. Visa Fran Jarna // moira smiley & VOCO
  3. Chilly Winds // moira smiley & VOCO
  4. North Country // moira smiley & VOCO
  5. I Live in California // moira smiley & VOCO
  6. Mazurka // moira smiley & VOCO
  7. Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind // moira smiley & VOCO
  8. Dream Dve Nevesti // moira smiley & VOCO
  9. Deportee // moira smiley & VOCO
  10. Oj Jabuko // moira smiley & VOCO
  11. Oj Savice // moira smiley & VOCO
  12. Oh Winter // moira smiley & VOCO
  13. Orphan Girl // moira smiley & VOCO
  14. Whistle Daughter Whistle // moira smiley & VOCO
  15. Steam Engines // moira smiley & VOCO
  16. They’re Red Hot // moira smiley & VOCO
  17. Dream Outro // moira smiley & VOCO