Early blues legend Robert Johnson's playful street-call song "Hot Tamales" distilled into…

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They’re Red Hot

VIDA's arrangement of the legendary South African song

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Four-part 16th c. Spanish song – “In comes May, out goes April”

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Entra Mayo

Arranged from original SATB shape-note hymn into SSAA. Beautiful pump-organ-like harmony.


Dying Californian

Woody Guthrie's always timely song about the strange, faceless existence that immigration…



Fast-paced, mouth music and Appalachian dance-song lyrics with simple hambone-like body percussion


The Cuckoo

Simple harmonies enrich to this upbeat Irish broadside song.


Cailin Rua

A mysterious song from Macedonia, probably from "Starogradski" style

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Al Proci

Slightly re-voiced and text adapted for female voices, a magnificent shape-note hymn