Unzip the Horizon

Unzip the Horizon

Genre : Folk, Contemporary Folk, International
Released Date : 30 / Mar / 2018
  1. Mother of Invention
  2. Bellow
  3. Refugee
  4. Rotary Phone
  5. Wiseman
  6. One Step Dance
  7. Sing About It
  8. World Will Not Pause
  9. Dressed in Yellow
  10. Our Time
  11. Dissatisfaction
  12. So Glad
  13. Leather Britches


Moira left her life in Los Angeles, and went nomadic for 2 years to tour with three bands, tUnE-yArDs, SOLAS and Jayme Stone’s Lomax/Folklife Project. The lonesome freedom of this time was the midwife to this album and songbook. Unzip The Horizon is about seeing down to the origins of anxiety, and up into the freedoms we ignore. The album title comes from a trip Moira took to Ukraine where she learned from older traditional singers that some songs were powerful enough to lift ‘the veil’, and communicate with the dead/ the unknowable. With 14 songs, and guests that include Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs, Leah & Chloe Smith of Rising Appalachia, Darrell Scott, Seamus Egan, Jayme Stone, Anna & Elizabeth and Sam Lee, it’s an unapologetically personal, solo record from a woman whose voice and writing has called so many others to sing.

Mother of Invention // Unzip the Horizon
  1. Mother of Invention // Unzip the Horizon
  2. Bellow // Unzip the Horizon
  3. Refugee // Unzip the Horizon
  4. Rotary Phone // Unzip the Horizon
  5. Wiseman // Unzip the Horizon
  6. One Step Dance // Unzip the Horizon
  7. Sing About It // Unzip the Horizon
  8. World Will Not Pause // Unzip the Horizon
  9. Dressed in Yellow // Unzip the Horizon
  10. Our Time // Unzip the Horizon
  11. Dissatisfaction // Unzip the Horizon
  12. So Glad // Unzip the Horizon
  13. Leather Britches // Unzip the Horizon